This is a comic that I'm most proud of at the moment. A little story of mine, mixed with some exaggerations, fantasy, and actions with dynamic angles!
It’s been 3 months and 14 days since Adi tried to get close to Natalie. Coincidentally today, she asked Adi to hang out together. Adi immediately felt that today was his chance to confess. But the timid Adi needed to be able to defeat fear inside him before he can confess his feelings. 
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The Sauce

Newest comic to date. A collaboration with Kenaya Gabriel. We came up with the story together. I made the name (draft), drawn superbly by Kenaya, and toned well by me too I guess!
Nathan faces a daily basis of dilemma while watching his family eating with the sauce.


Storyboard for an unused Pelitas Pilot (2016)

Storyboard for an animated short idea developed with Jason Kiantoro, Love from Above (2017)


Illustration for Ultimagz 2016 November edition's Short Story: 'Perempuan dalam Hujan'
Cognito Magazine 2017 June edition's cover Illustration

Ultimagz's 2016 Labor Day Illustration

Illustration for Ultimagz February 2017 edition's Short Story: 'Love String in LA'
Ultimagz January 2016 edition's InfoKampus Illustration
Jesslyn TanMas' novel cover comission

Ultimagz June 2016 edition's cover Illustration

Illustration for Ultimagz March 2016 edition

Illustration for Cognito Magazine's article